The Williams Family, hailing from Hermannsburg (Ntaria), NT, are siblings Genise, Damien and Nicholas Williams.

Backed by the trio’s passion to preserve and teach the language of their Western Aranda people, ‘The Williams Family’ EP invites you on a journey into the heart of Australia and celebrates the spiritual and musical roots of this special family.

Inspired by their family’s love of music, singing has always been a part of these siblings’ lives.
The latest generation of singers from the Ntjalka family, Genise, Nicholas and Damien have been creating music from a very young age. With various family members developing and encouraging their musical talents, the trio have each maintained a passion for this creative outlet. This album is backed musically by their ‘Golden Guitar’ and ‘Red Ochre Award’ NIAA father Warren H Williams.

The film clip for ‘Etwalkur’ inthurra ungkwanganga (Nearer, My God, to Thee)’ was predominantly filmed in the Hermannsburg (Ntaria) church located 125km west of Alice Springs, originally constructed as a part of the Lutheran mission in the year of 1896. The Williams Family have had a long history with the church dating back to 1967 with ‘Hands of Fame’ grandfather Gus Williams OAM who was compère for the Hermannsburg Choir’s tour of South Australia and Victoria that year.

Singing choral music is a part of the glue that binds these talented siblings. They have performed as part of the Central Australian Womens Choir and they are each active members of the Hermannsburg Choir to this day.

In this, the international year of indigenous languages, The Therrka Endangered Languages Music Series was a perfect opportunity for these singers to band together and cover five of their favourite chorals and pay homage to their Central Australian Christian upbringing.

The Williams Family