Caama recently worked in partnership with Batchelor Institute to host the Batchelor Media students for a 2-week practical training block in multi camera use and live streaming. During this time CAAMA staff worked with Batchelor Institute staff to support training in studio lighting setup and operation, sound mixing and operating multiple cameras at once to comprehensively live stream performance. At the culmination of the training block, the BITE fully managed their own live stream of Central Australian singer and storyteller Paul Ah Chee. Paul has recently released a new solo EP. He sang some songs from this new album, called “No Where to Hide” and some old favourites from his Amunda Band days. The live stream was a great success and everyone in the studio felt the power of Paul Ah Chee’s songs and words. CAAMA looks forward to hosting the BITE students again in November 2022 for their next practical training block in the CAAMA Music studio.

To watch an interview of one of the BITE students who participated in the training block click here:

To watch the live stream of Paul Ah Chee’s performance in the CAAMA music studio click here:

To purchase Paul’s new EP click here: