Alukura Compilation

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Last year Australia’s longest running Indigenous music label CAAMA Music ran a nationwide competition to uncover a new crop of female Aboriginal singer-songwriters, and the result is The Alukura Compilation, featuring a song from each of the eight women and released by CAAMA Music on 26 February.

For the Alukura Competition (Alukura meaning ‘women’s place’ in the Arrernte language) CAAMA Music selected eight talented women from all corners of Australia to record at their studios in Alice Springs. During the recording process the women participated in song writing and music business workshops to further their careers. The group were also mentored by musical duo The Stiff Gins [Nardi Simpson and Kaleena Briggs] whilst connecting to the country and culture of Central Australia.




Executive Producer: Micheal ‘Miko’ Smith
Co-Producers & Writers – Alukura program mentors: Kaleena Briggs & Nardi Simpson (Stiff Gins)
Producer: Matt Byrnes
Tracking/Engineering: Rohan Carmody
Mixing: Rohan Carmody & Matt Byrnes
Mastering: Matt Byrnes
Project Manager: Nicola Pitt
Artwork & design: Jeff Kessel & Jalyay Jaja Thompson



Session Musicians

Track 01 by Alice Skye – You Are The Mountains | Isabelle Kirkbride (Cello)
Track 03 by Kesley Iris  – My Love Doesn’t Come For Free | Mark McCormack (Piano), Kaleena Smith & Nardi Simpson (Backing Vocals)
Track 04 by Kristal West – And That’s Why | Mark McCormack (Piano)
Track 06 by Dora Smith – Better Days | Dora Smith (Beatbox)
Track 07 by Bec Gollan – Stories | Mark McCormack (Keys and Guitar)
Track 08 by Thaylia – Need For Greed | Kaleena Smith, Nardi Simpson, Alice Skye, Kelsey Iris, Kristal West, Donna Velia Woods, Dora Smith, Miranda Garling, Bec Gollan (Backing Vocals). Mixed & produced by Thaylia.