Stuart Joel Nuggett – Jingili name: Kirriyangunji
(Pronounced: Girri-yar-ga-newn-jee)

Stuart Jooel Nuggett is a Jingili man from Elliott, about halfway between Darwin and Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

He has been playing and writing music since he was a child and was taught by his Uncles while growing up in Ali Curung, Elliot & Barunga regions.

His band with late best friend FJ, The Storm Riders released ‘Waiting On A Miracle’ in 2004.

Stuart is passionate about the plight of his people and hopes that through his songs he can capture audiences from all walks of life.

Stuart’s debut album “Ngaaya-Ma Jingila Baaya” is out now. You can stream it from your favourite streaming service here, or purchase a CD from our online store.

Stuart Joel Nuggett's Other Side of Town

Stuart Joel Nuggett – Other Side Of Town


Stuart Joel Nuggett – Shy

Stuart Joel Nuggett