Stuart has been writing songs and playing music from a young boy. Before branching out on his own he was the front man for Elliot band Storm Riders. In 2019 he released a solo self-titled EP which was sung in Jingili language, his mother’s language (Stuart also speaks Mudburra).

In 2020 Stuart was nominated for National Indigenous Music Award in the Indigenous Language Award category for his track ‘Nayurni (woman)’ which he sings in Jingili.

‘Ngaaya-Ma Jingila Baaya’ was produced at CAAMA Studio by Jeremy Conlon with support from Damien Birch and musical support from Warren H Williams, Cain Gilmour & Malcolm McDonald.

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Ngaaya-Ma Jingila Baaya

Release Date : October 23, 2020
Artist : Stuart Joel Nuggett
Format : CD