CAAMA Music is excited to announce the release of Kirra Voller’s debut EP, ‘Unapologetically Me;’

The EP, titled ‘Unapologetically Me;’ is exactly what she says it is – a body of work that covers her strengths and vulnerabilities as an artist; as a woman – a strong Blak woman; as a Mother and as a human who has been through multiple lifetimes of struggle and joy.

Her voice is warm and earthy, strong and at times subtle. While you can tell her influences are broad, this small snapshot of what she’s capable of leads me to think that her most powerful songs connect with just a guitar, some strings and her voice. Standout favourite “Beautiful Child” is just this. Peppered with some harmonies, the song is a love letter of possible predictions for her young ones; embracing the joy and sadness in raising a child from a mother’s perspective.

Similar in production, opening track “Rainbow After Rain” is an uplifting cloud of support that shines its attention on Kirra’s songwriting and melody arrangements.

“Self Determination”, “Boss Bitch” and “Sweet Mary Jane” will all have you grooving in your slides but for very different reasons! Kirra covers her perspectives on her people and culture directed at the ignorant – “Do you know the history, of the country where you stand, Do you know how to treat it, the first people of the land, Do a little research, I know that it might hurt…”. Kirra switches it up with a “Boss Bitch” move – a reggae jam for all the queens. “Sweet Mary Jane” doesn’t leave anything to the imagination but will assist in creating imagination if you follow her directions!” 
– Caiti Baker

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Unapologetically Me

Release Date : December 18, 2020
Artist : Kirra Voller
Format : Digital Download