Tjupi Band’s second offering, ‘Kutji Ngarala’, solidified the band at the forefront of the Desert Reggae Scene.   Recorded in Alice Springs at the CAAMA Music studios by local legends Jeff McLaughlin and Matt Cunliffe, ‘Kutju Ngarala’ was a huge hit throughout the Central Desert and beyond.

Featuring melodic and harmonic intricacy unprecedented in a Desert Reggae album, Tjupi Band manage to create music both emotional and meaningful, without ever compromising the incessant dance beat that underlies most songs.

Powerful synths and lightning quick sweet-picking jostle for attention in ‘Amumturungu’, whist the pared back instrumentation of ‘Standing By The Tree’ allow for the layered vocal takes to shine through.

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Kutju Ngarala

Artist : Tjupi Band
Format : CD