Today we celebrate the single release from Eastern Arrernte Band, Prison Cell, with video on the CAAMA Music Label.

Prison Cell, written by lead singer Wesley Oliver highlights the reality of life in prison for many Aboriginal Australian men while making commentary about the over-representation of Aboriginal men in the prison system.

Eastern Arrernte Band are a group of musicians from Ltyentye Apurte/Santa Teresa, a remote community around 80kms from Alice Springs. Singing in both English and Eastern Arrernte their songs revolve around place, country with a strong sense of self and personal identity, tackling issues of loneliness, incarceration, and youth issues. With deep vocals and great riffs combined with a classic double keyboard reggae vibe.

They have recently recorded their full-length debut album – Reggae Dancer – at CAAMA Music to be released in September. Recorded and mixed by Jeremy Conlon in the studio with technician Damien Birch.

The video was filmed by Pirate at the Old Alice Springs Goal, with support and thanks to the Australia Council for the Arts.Listen on streaming services here
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