Jonathan Doolan and the Areyonga Band are from the community of Utju (Areyonga) 240km west of Alice Springs.

Jonathan Doolan leads the Areyonga Band and is an energetic and entertaining front man, accompanied by Rufus, Francis, Stephen, Lowen and Lowrence who are each talented multi instrumentalists.

Jonathan grew up in Aputula (Finke) and eventually moved to Utju (Areyonga) where he now lives.

He first began singing with the Titjikala Band and later moved on to the UTJU Band.

As an aboriginal musician, Jonathan places great importance on recording the language of his country and inspiring other musicians to do the same. He is passionate about helping kids in community learn to play music and encouraging them to seek paths away from addictive behavior.

Jonathan describes playing at the Finke footy carnival to family and friends as being among his proudest moments as a performer.

Jonathan also works as one of CAAMA’s Remote Indigenous Radio Broadcast Service (RIBS) presenters for the Utju Areyonga region.

Jonathan Doolan and the Areyonga Band