In the Pitjantjatjara language Kililpi means ‘Star’. The songs on this album are the most popular songs to have come out of the Western Desert region since the early 80’s.

The Grandfather of contemporary music in central Australian was Isaac Yamma; he was the first aboriginal man to write and perform songs in his own language Pitjantjatjara.

Pitjantjatjara is one language in the cluster of related western desert languages along with Yankunyatjara, Ngaatatjarra, Ngaanyatjarra, Luritja and Pintupi. From the time of the rise of Isaac Yamma there are many who have followed his example and used their own language to address the world through music. They are the stars. Kililpi.

On the Pitjantjatjara lands the most popular music emanates from four UPK albums produced over the last twenty years. This music is particular to the region; (UPK songs are marked with an asterisk). During the recording of UPK 4 several visiting members of the South Australian Symphony Orchestra composed arrangements of the popular UPK Songs and these have been included in this collection as a bonus for the listener.

These songs like the stars emanate such luster and contrast that they in their own right show an illuminating light to the insight of Aboriginal song lines and the stories they tell.

Each song will lend you into a discovery journey of lives, love and everyday life of aboriginal people, including the wonderful sounds and musicianship of these artists. From up tempo country jigs, folk ballads to the all familiar reggae ska styled songs that are very much identifiably from the Central Northern regions this album offers so much richness to experience like star gazing there is so much more to see that the naked eye cant capture but with the right frame of mind and a better understanding through manmade instruments this album offers so much more.

Make your own journey through this starlight album Kililpi.