Stuart Nuggett EP

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This stripped back EP brings you into the world of Stuart Nuggett and his guitar. Stuart performs in the language of Jingili which has only 5 native speakers alive today. Stuart was guided by his mother Janet Sandy-Gregory when writing these lyrics, making this collection of songs a very special family record to share with the world.

Solo artist Stuart Nuggett has been playing and writing music since he was a child and was taught by his Uncles while growing up in Ali Curung, Elliott & Barunga regions.

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The Stuart Nuggett EP is a collection of 5 songs and comes with 10 page booklet that includes all lyrics in Jingili along with English translations.

Booklet ad CD artwork also features elements of traditional artwork ‘Miyaka (Bush Peanut)’ by Elaine Sandy.

Language featured on this CD: Jingili and English.

Available for download on iTunes and Google Play

This EP was created as a part of the Therrka Endangered Languages Music Series.


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