The urban Aboriginal struggle has produced one of the most exciting bands to fire up the Melbourne music scene. When Blackfire formed in early 1993 they immediately attracted the attention of well-known musicians and journalists who sang the band’s praises and offered support gigs. Members had all previously played in Melbourne based and national bands including the popular Aboriginal rockers band Coloured Stone.

A Time To Dream is the debut album from Blackfire, released through the CAAMA label in 1995. The album is full of powerful gritty rock and roll songs making a strong political statement about these changing times. The name Black Fire is taken from a Koori documentary of the same name produced by early Aboriginal filmmaker – Bruce McGuiness, which exposed the struggles for Koori justice and political change in the 1970’s.

The video for their single Wanna Go Back from the Time To Dream received plenty of airplay on national television and the recognition prompted tours around the country and a busy couple of years for Blackfire. They caught the eye of Crowded House’s Paul Hester who then offered to produce their next album.

Band members have been very active in the native title debates, lending their music to compilation albums for the cause such as a Native Title Album and CAAMA’s Our Home Our Land double CD. Blackfire were chosen to perform at cultural tours throughout Asia including Japan, China and Taiwan, whose people loved their combination of big rock sound with Aboriginal cultural issues.

Members of Blackfire are well-respected participants in Melbourne community organisations, working in such fields as Aboriginal media, Aboriginal health services and local radio but they still find time to get together for a gig or two. They have had plenty of support from musical luminaries such as Paul Hester producing and drumming on their new album Night Vision and Paul Stewart of Painters and Dockers fame throwing in promotional and journalistic support.

Band members include Selwyn Burns: (Lead Guitar, Vocals) One of the most electrifying lead guitarists in the country. Also a talented singer/songwriter whose past credits include 5 albums with Aboriginal rock legend Coloured Stone.

Grant Hansen: (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals) One of the main songwriters and driving force behind Blackfire. His experience with bands Interaction and Mercury Blue helped to form the current line up.

Brad Brown: (Bass, Drums, Vocals) He has successfully made the change from drums (Watalimba, Interaction) to bass player and shares drumming in Blackfire. He is also a songwriter for the band.

Kelli McGuiness: (Drums, Bass, Guitar, Vocals) An all-rounder who helps form the mean, pumping rhythm section. Kelli has played in a number of Koori bands (Dr Koori, Interaction, Watalimba) relating his wide experience to Blackfire.

Glen “Kutcha” Edwards: (Vocals) Kutcha’s voice is as big, powerful and expressive as the giant man himself. He is also a keen didge player and adds this talent to the mix when not singing.