Started watching a lot of indigenous acts on “SBS On Demand” quite a while back which prompted me to buy the Stiff Gins “Wind and Water” CD. A fantastic album which then got me searching for more which was how I came across your site. I am impressed with the amount of talent that there is out there. The music is refreshing, hopeful and obviously evolving into its own unique style. Great stuff and also well recorded, produced and mastered.


As for your new site, I was impressed when I noticed it had changed. It is very user friendly with an excellent layout.

I like the fact that you can watch preview videos too. Are you able to do what some other music sites do and include short audio previews of album tracks? As you’ve probably noticed over the last few months, I have bought a few CD’s but am reluctant to “experiment” with your newer acts as information about them (apart from your site) is quite scarce. If I could listen to some previews, that would make a big difference.


Also, just an observation: there are those of us who are quite “tactile” in our ways and prefer to actually hold things in our hands and read about the product when we are listening. I notice that a lot of stuff from Central Australia (eg the Stewart Gaykamangu background song in your 2014 Highlights clip) is only available through I-Tunes. For years I (and many others I know) have avoided downloading I-Tunes because of conflicts with Windows files. This is no longer a problem because I thought the “Prison Songs” music was well worth it so bit the bullet and put it on my old computer. Is this the way (understandably in today’s world) that CAAMA is heading or is there still plans to keep publishing CD’s?


Mind you, the Missus keeps commenting on the amount of CD’s I have so maybe I might just have to start sneaking some downloads in!!



Thanks Heaps and keep up the good work!


Graham T. Lake, QLD , AUST, February 2015