The digital release this week of CAAMA Music’s new compilation album ‘Snapshot III’ showcases the best emerging artists being recorded now at CAAMA Music, the record label responsible for unearthing Aboriginal classics such as Warumpi Band, Coloured Stone and Frank Yamma.

As well as being a platform for showcasing current CAAMA successes (such as Tjintu Desert Band), new artists (such as Helena Smith) and established CAAMA talent (such as Warren H. Williams), this annual compilation provides a taste of what’s to come from CAAMA Music in the second half of the year:

  • ‘Djiliwirri’ by Stewart Gaykamangu (track 2) is a preview of the most anticipated debut release to come from CAAMA Music in recent years.  Stewart’s song ‘Lorrpu’ won Best Pop Song in the NT Song of the Year Awards last year, and this track ‘Djiliwirri’ will be followed with a music video on the launch of his album in September.
  • Blekbala Mujik, one of the most influential Aboriginal rock bands of all time, will be releasing their ‘Greatest Hits Live’ album in August, just before they headline the Sand Tracks tour of remote Central Australia. ‘The Sun Shines on Ngukurr’ (track 9) is a brand new song they have written and a taste of the classic Aboriginal rock sound made famous by them in the 90s.
  • North Tanami Band will be releasing their sixth album later this year and ‘Warlpiri Reggae’ (track 10) is a perfect example of the style of desert reggae that this band has been consistently delivering for more than twenty years.
  • ‘The Ringer’s Girl’, sung by Lisa and Rachael Maza, is from the upcoming tribute album to Bob Randall –the leader of Aboriginal land rights, and campaigner for the Stolen Generation who also gained recognition in the 1970s for his song ‘My Brown Skin Baby’.
  • An Aboriginal women’s compilation will be produced soon by CAAMA Music, featuring Cassandra Williams. Coming from a musical family that includes country music star Warren H. Williams, Cassandra’s powerful voice and song-writing skills are introduced here in track 3 ‘Falling Down’.

‘Snapshot III’ is available for sale digitally via iTunes and distributed by CAAMA Music.