NIMA Presents The Sound Of Indigenous Australia – Now & Before

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Festival Records and Warner Music Australia, in association with the National Indigenous Music Awards, are proud to announce the 2CD release of ‘Nima Presents The Sound Of Indigenous Australia – Now & Before.’

‘The Sound Of Indigenous Australia’ looks for the first time at both the thriving contemporary music scene in Indigenous Australia and the roots of that scene in the classic songs and artists of the recent past.

Divided into ‘Now’ and ‘Before’ discs, the collection poignantly opens with A.B. Original’s game-changing 2017 Hottest 100 entry ‘January 26’ and concludes with Kev Carmody’s iconic Australian classic ‘From Little Things Big Things Grow’.

The ‘Now’ disc includes some of Australia’s biggest artists including Jessica Mauboy, Busby Marou, Dan Sultan and Emma Donovan & The Putbacks alongside a range of tomorrow’s stars, previous NIMA Unearthed winners and critics favourites including Thelma Plum, Emily Wurramara and Robbie Miller. Young rappers Birdz and Ziggy mix it with up & coming roots artists like Yirrmal, Gawurra and high school singer songwriter Tia Gostelow as well as electronic artists like Kuren and Electric Fields. It’s an eclectic mix, showcasing the scale of today’s Indigenous music talent, full of great songs and powerful messages.

The ‘Before’ disc features Australian icons from across the last few decades and is the first successful attempt to bring the key Indigenous rock & pop songs of modern times together in the one collection. Yothu Yindi’s ‘Treaty’ and Archie Roach’s ‘Took the Children Away’ kick it off; No Fixed Address’ ‘We Have Survived’, Warumpi Band’s ”Blackfella/Whitefella’, Christine Anu’s ‘My Island Home’, Coloured Stones’ Black boy’ and Gurrumul’s ‘Wiyathul’ all follow, creating a history of contemporary Indigenous music never before brought together on one album. The collection celebrates other hugely important artists like Ruby Hunter, Tiddas, Pigram Brtohers, Troy Cassar-Daly, Jimmy Little, Blekbla Mujik and Vic Simms and shines a light on less well-known contributors to Australia’s Indigenous music tome including Blackfire (featuring Kutcha Edwards and Grant Hansen of Marngrook Footy Show fame) and LJ Hill, whose ‘Pretty Bird Tree’ was recently recorded by Paul Kelly.

This super 42-track collection comes with full liner notes in a stunning 24-page booklet and is a great launching point for anyone looking to delve into Indigenous Australia’s exciting world of contemporary music. It is released in association with the National Indigenous Music Awards and includes many of the artists who have been acknowledged across the event’s proud fourteen-year history of celebrating Indigenous music’s integral part in Australian culture.

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Label – Festival

Music Genre – Pop / World Music

CD 1

  1. A.B. Original – January 26
  2. Yirrmal – Mayangan
  3. Emily Wurramara – Black Smoke
  4. Gawurra – Ratja Yaliyali (Vine of Love)
  5. Thelma Plum – How Much Does Your Love Cost
  6. Kuren Home (ft. Ben Alessi)
  7. Birdz – Black Lives Matter
  8. Ziggy Ramo – Blackface
  9. Apakatjah – Waru
  10. Cassi Williams – How Can I Live
  11. Eleanor Dixon – My Spirit is Free
  12. Dan Sultan – Kimberly Calling
  13. Emma Donovan & the Putbacks – Black Woman
  14. Jessica Mauboy – Risk It
  15. Benny Walker – Save
  16. Luke Daniel Peacock – Dreambox
  17. Busby Marou – Best Part of Me
  18. Leah Flanagan – Chills
  19. Robbie Miller – The Pain
  20. Tia Gostelow – Vague Utopia
  21. Electric Fields – Shade Away

CD 2

  1. Yothu Yindi – Treaty
  2. Archie Roach – Took The Children Away
  3. Coloured Stone – Black Boy
  4. No Fixed Address – We Have Survived
  5. Warumpi Band – Black Fella White Fella
  6. Christine Anu – My Island Home
  7. Pigram Brothers – Going Back Home
  8. Gurrumul – Wiyathul
  9. Frank Yamma – Nguta Waljilpa
  10. Blekbala Mujik – Walking Together
  11. Joe Geia – Yil Lull
  12. L J Hill – Pretty Bird Tree
  13. Ruby Hunter – Ngarrindjeri Woman
  14. Tiddas – Innanay
  15. Troy Cassar-Daley – Freedom Ride (feat. Paul Kelly)
  16. Roger Knox – Streets of Tamworth
  17. Blackfire – Island Paradise
  18. Us Mob – Wrong Side of the Road
  19. Vic Simms – Stranger in my Country
  20. Jimmy Little – Yorta Yorta Man
  21. Kev Carmody – From Little Things Big Things Grow (feat. Paul Kelly)

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