Greatest Hits Live – Blekbala Mujik

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One of the most influential Aboriginal rock bands in Australia delivering a strong message of reconciliation.

In the 1990s Blekbala Mujik brought their message of reconciliation to Australian audiences who were only just beginning to take an interest in Aboriginal culture and art. Their live shows incorporated the modern as well as the traditional, with the latest pyro-technics accompanying ancient dance and dreamtime storytelling. Blekbala Mujik toured internationally, taking Aboriginal culture and language to another audience where ‘world’ music was still a new concept.

Five songs on this new album (to be released Sept 14) were recorded at the Barunga Festival of 1995, where they performed to over six thousand people who demanded six encores. The rest of this album was recorded during a six-week concert tour of the Northern Territory in 2012. The combination of current concert recordings and others from the height of their career shows the longevity of this influential band, who are still making music and performing long after their contemporaries.

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Blekbala Mujik – “Greatest Hits Live” album also available on iTunes.

15 track album released in 2014.


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