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Recorded over 5 years, Blekbala Mujik’s self-titled album was described by Bruce Elder in 1995 (Sydney Morning Herald) as ‘…the most artistically successful and commercial recording released by CAAMA Music.’ The success of the album propelled the band onto the WOMAD stage in Spain, a tour of Europe and the USA and into the mainstream Australian Music Scene.

Reminiscent of Yothu Yindi’s electrified sounds and infectious grooves (both bands share Ian Faith as producer), Blekbala Mujik’s debut also hints of the Desert Reggae scene, which was yet to come to the forefront of the Central Australian Music. From the catchy and exuberant ‘Drangkinbala’, with it’s Caribbean Reggae feel to the surprising mix of traditional singing and synthesizers on ‘Come-n-Dance’ this is a eclectic and exciting album, which still sounds fresh nearly 20 years on.

Seth Jordan wrote in Rolling Stone (May 1995) ‘the Blekbala boys maintain enough of a roots sound to stay authentic, while at the same time employing enough technology to entice more sophisticated urban ears.’

Blekbala Mujik’s debut album is musical representation of the mixing of Western and Indigenous culture.

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Blekbala Mujik’s – Self Titled album is also available on iTunes.

Released in 1994.

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