Coloured Stone – Best of (Vol 1)

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Originally released at a concert playing along side Regurgitator and Midnight Oil for protesters of the Jabiluka Mine in 1998, ‘Bunna Lawrie’s Best Of Coloured Stone’ is a slice of Australian history.

With tracks spanning 20 years and from 7 albums, Lawrie himself curated this collection, including some never before released versions. The release includes early singles like ‘Black Boy’, which sold 120,000 copies, and ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ which won a song competition heralding the genesis of the band in 1977. The compilation also contains tracks such as ‘Human Love’, from the album of the same name, which won the first ever ARIA for Best Indigenous Album in 1986.

Liner notes explain the origins of songs, and included are some rare and historic photographs.

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‘Bunna Lawrie’s Best of Coloured Stone’ album also available on iTunes.

Coloured Stone Biography

Coloured Stone is an Aboriginal band that originally came from Koonibba, South Australia. It was formed in 1977 by Bunna Lawrie, the lead singer and songwriter for the band. Their music blends rock, ska, reggae combined with a unique Aboriginal sound. Their instruments include the guitar, bass, drum, didgeridu and bundawuthada (gong stone).


The band has collaborated, performed and toured with many Australian and international artists, such as Midnight Oil, Leo Sayer, Jimmy Little, Paul Kelly, Angry Anderson, Salif Kaita, KD Lang, Iva Davis & Ice House, Shane Howard, Bart Willoughby & No Fixed Address and Yung Warriors. Bunna Lawrie has also been performing as a solo artist and with his other band, Bunna Lawrie and the Whaledreamers. In addition, Bunna and his people, the Mirning, are the focus of the film Whaledreamers, directed by Julian Lennon and produced by Kim Kindersley.


Bunna Lawrie and Coloured Stone have been the recipients of numerous musical accolades for their contribution to Australian and Aboriginal music; these include the Australian Rock Industry Awards (four times), the National Indigenous Music Awards Hall of Fame and the Don Banks Award. They have released 9 original albums and they are currently recording their 10th album. ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ won best original song in 1978. Their most famous song, ‘Black Boy’, was released in 1984 and it knocked off Michael Jackson No 1 hit in the Cadence Top Charts South Pacific region in 1984-1985; it was also No1 in the charts in Alice Springs for 9 months. In 1986, Coloured Stone were presented the ARIA Award for the Album of the Year by Sir Elton John for their album Human Love, which attained prominence in the United States and featured in the Village Voice Top Ten Album List in New York. Coloured Stone have not stopped performing since they first formed and to date, they are the longest surviving Aboriginal band in Australia. They will be celebrating their 35th anniversary in 2014.


Since 1978, Bunna Lawrie and his band Coloured Stone have toured around Australia, from capital cities to remote Aboriginal communities, and also overseas. They have performed in numerous music and indigenous events and festivals in Australia, such as the 40th Tent Embassy, WOMADadelaide, the Olympic Games 2000, the St Kilda Festival, the Big Day Out, Garma Festival, Woodford Festival, Stomping Ground, Moomba Festival, the Laura Festival, the Spirit Festival, the Dreamtime, the Long Walk and the Dreaming, the Island Vibe Festival, Barunga and many more. Overseas, they have performed in Malaysia (Commonwealth Games), Indonesia (Austrade Fest), England (Edinburgh Music Festival), New Zealand and the South Pacific region. They will be celebrating their 35th anniversary in 2014 and they are the longest Aboriginal surviving band to date.


 Bunna Lawrie & Coloured Stone Music Awards

– 2012: National NAIDOC Lifetime Achievement Award (Australia) to Bunna Lawrie

– 2011: National Indigenous Music Awards Hall of Fame for Special Recognition (Australia) to Bunna Lawrie & Coloured Stone

– 2000: Don Banks Music Award for Composers (Australia) to Bunna Lawrie

– 1999: Deadly Vibe Awards for Outstanding Achievement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders (Australia) – National Outstanding Contribution to Aboriginal music Award to Bunna Lawrie Coloured Stone

– 1995: Brian Syron Scholarship Award (Australia) – Contribution to Aboriginal music

– 1992: Australia Rock Industry Music (ARIA) Award (Australia) – final Nomination Best Indigenous Record for “Inma Juju”

– 1990: Australia Rock Industry Music (ARIA) Award (Australia) – final Nomination Best Indigenous Record for “Wild Desert Rose”

– 1988: Australia Rock Industry Music (ARIA) Award (Australia) – final Nomination Best Indigenous Record for “Crazy Mind”

– 1986: Australia Rock Industry Music (ARIA) Award Winner (Australia) – Best Indigenous Album for “Human Love”, award presented by Sir Elton John

– 1978: Perth’s 3rd National Aboriginal Country Music Festival Talent (West Australia) – First Prize for Best Band

– 1978: Perth’s 3rd National Aboriginal Country Music Festival Talent (West Australia) – Best Original Song for “Dancing in the Moonlight”



Bunna Lawrie & Coloured Stone Discography

 * Dance to the Sun – to be distributed by One World Music in June 2014

* ‘Mother’ (2010) – single in collaboration with Jimmy Little & Catherine Satour (to be released in 2013)

* Beautiful World (2010) – solo album by Bunna Lawrie – to be distributed via One World Music in 2014

* Whaledreamers Soundtrack (2008) – featuring Bunna Lawrie & his other artists

* Best of Coloured Stone Vol. II (2008)

* Rhythm of Nature (1998)

* Bunna Lawrie’s Best of Coloured Stone Vol I (1997)

* Songs from the Nullarbor (1995)

* Barefeet Dancing (1995)

* Love is the Medicine (1992) – single

* Inma Juju (1991)

* Crazy Mind (1989)

* Wild Desert Rose (1988)

* ‘Stay Young’ (1988) single

* ‘Wild Desert Rose’ (1988) – single

* Human Love (1986)

* Black Rock from the Red Centre (1986)

* ‘Dancing in the Moonlight’ (1986) – single

* ‘Island Of Greed’ (1985) single

* Island Of Greed (1985)

* Koonibba Rock (1985)

* ‘Black Boy’ (1984) – single


Links to Bunna Lawrie & Coloured Stone music files and videos


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Bunna Lawrie solo – ‘One Fire’ – ‘Love is a Medicine’ – ‘One Fire’ (Goomin Boori) – ‘Jeedara Cave Chant ‘(from the Whaledreamers soundtrack) – ‘Mirning Invitation’ (from the Whaledreamers soundtrack)


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