Tjintu Desert Band

Tjintu Desert Band (pronounced Jin-Too) , from Haasts Bluff/Ikunjti, 250km west of Alice Springs, are now one of the hottest bands currently playing in Central Australia. Their debut album, Tjamuku Ngurra (pronounced Jam-akoo Noora), will introduce the rest of the country to the genre known as ‘desert reggae’, the most popular musical style in remote Indigenous communities of Central Australia. This new sound coming out of the desert combines funk, rock, reggae and dub grooves – sung in a mixture of Luritja and English.

“For our community of around 200 people there is one general store, one school, no mobile phone range and little access to the internet. But Ikuntji [aka Haasts Bluff, NT] is much more than the town itself – it’s the rocky hills, the red earth, the country of our Dreaming, our grandfathers’ country.” Tjintu Desert Band

The album features a sixteen page booklet of lyrics in Luritja and their English translations, along with impressive panoramic photos taken of the band’s home community, Ikuntji. Through their music the band hopes to share their culture and connection to the land.

Since the release of their debut album, ‘Tjamuku Ngurra’, in March 2014 they have performed all around the country – Barunga Festival, the NIMA Awards, Alice Desert Festival, Around the Campfire, Australasian World Music Expo (AWME) in Melbourne, Woodford Folk Festival over New Year’s Eve, Nannup Music Festival 27 Feb – 2 March and WOMADelaide in March 2015.

Tjintu Desert Band first performed at the Bush Bands Bash in 2008 and were selected to support Nabarlek on the 2011 Sand Tracks tour of remote Western Australia. This they came full circle, being the top voted band by the remote Aboriginal communities of the central desert to headline the Sand Tracks tour in 2015, supported by Rayella.

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