Minority Sun

Listening to Minority Sun is like a trip bouncing along a red dirt highway, with their uplifting songs of love and life in the desert.

Lead singer, songwriter and guitarist Shaun Penangke Angeles is an Arrernte man from Ayampe country, 70 kms north of Alice Springs. Shaun is backed by talented musicians and haunting support vocals in songs that range in style from rootsy, laid-back rock to reggae and hip-hop.

The message is about celebrating and gaining strength in a contemporary world from an unbreakable connection to country and family.

Angeles says: “I’m picturing grandfather, I’m picturing soakages, I’m picturing family and hunting grounds and sacred sites.

“We are also singing about social issues and other things that have hurt our people in the past and now. They’re hard lyrics but true.

We’re saying: be proud of culture, be proud to be Aboriginal, be proud of your grandfather’s and grandmother’s country. Be strong.”

Minority Sun is fresh, talented and determined to be heard

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