Prison Songs

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‘Prison Songs’ is a CAAMA Music release compilation which accompanied the SBS film of the same name.

It aired on SBS ONE on 5 January and was available on SBS demand up to 19 January 2015

Music from Prison Songs can be purchased and downloaded digitally through iTunes as below.

There is no CD available at this stage.

iTunes Prison Songs




  1. Please send me CD of Music so I can play on my program many thanks Helen Turner

  2. Where can I buy the album from the documentary on Berrimah prison? (Prison Song on SBS)

    • Hi Stella, you can buy the Prison Song album via any online retailer (iTunes, Google Play etc). It wasn’t released as a hard copy CD.

  3. Yeah, great watch. Saw it two nights in a row. Love the Berrimah Hilton song and have woken up quite a few times with “waking up in Berrimah” playing in my head. Was good to see how this group of people are making something positive about a bad situation. Excellent documentary. How can I get the CD??

  4. Wonderful account of a young man who made the wrong choices and now is full of regret – however he has rediscovered himself which may be an example to others through his music.

  5. where can I watch the documentary online? or purchase?

    • Hi Sophie, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately the Prison Songs film is not longer available. It was aired on SBS early January and could be assessed on “SBS On Demand” for the month of January, but has now been taken down. You can download the songs from iTunes. regards.. Kaz Selbie, CAAMA MUsic


  1. Prison Songs an Australian 'documentary musical' - […] Auswahl der in ‘Prison Songs’ gezeigten Lieder findet sich auf dem von CAAMA Music  herausgegebenen, geichnamigen Soundtrack wieder. Alle…

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