Kardajala Kirridarra translates to ‘Sandhill Women’ and which refers to a mysterious bush woman from the sandhills behind the community of Marlinja, which is a part of Newcastle Waters Station in the Northern Territory. The descendants of this bush woman, these compelling women are from the communities of the Marlinja and Kulumindini (Elliott) and together with Melbourne producer Beatrice they form Kardajala Kirridarra.
Kardajala Kirridarra who also played at the Golden Plains Festival,Wide Open Spaces and Barunga Festival were the first all female band to appear at the Bush Bands Bash in 2016.With the release of their debut self-titled album in 2017, which features the single Ngabaju (Grandmother’s Song), Kardajala Kirridarra combines contemporary with the traditional. Sung in both Mudburra and English, together they tell the story of the connection between Aboriginal women and country as a reminder about the importance of women as creators.

Available on CD and Vinyls