CAAMA Music has an impressive back catalogue of Australian Aboriginal music and we often get people coming into our shop requesting old albums that were released years ago on cassette. So it’s been a priority of ours to re-master and re-release some of those gems from our archives, but it’s a time consuming and expensive process to convert those old tapes into digital CDs.

BUT that process has been made a little easier thanks to iZotope! They are an audio software company in the United States and they’ve generously donated the tools Ozone5 Advanced and RX 4 to our studio (worth around AU$2,500).

So watch out for a whole lot of re-released classics to come from CAAMA Music in the next few months – albums like Rebel Voices, a compilation of music from the beginning of the Australian Aboriginal land rights movement. And a whole series of compilation albums featuring our re-discovered gems  – such as the best gospel, the best desert reggae, and the best country music songs.

Big thanks to the good people at iZotope!


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