Last night in Hermannsburg/Ntaria a concert was staged as part of CAAMA MUSIC’s Regional Music Development Program. More than four hundred people gathered in Hermannsburg’s historic centre to listen to a concert featuring a wide range of talented musicians from their own community. The town’s  well-known family of musicians – including brothers Warren H, Williams and Baydon Williams – performed together, as well as the Hermannsburg Choir and many others throughout the three-hour event. The concert was staged and run by five of the “Music Industry Rangers” who are being trained as part of CAAMA MUSIC’s Regional Music Development Program.  It was the culmination of two weeks of intensive training for the rangers, who have been learning the art of music recording, production and running gigs. This initial 2-week training is the first step of a three-year program that aims to preserve indigenous language through song and develop real pathways to employment within the music industry. Over the next three years a total of sixteen rangers from Central Australia will be offered sufficient training from CAAMA MUSIC and Charles Darwin University to become experienced sound engineers, able to pass on their skills to their own communities or find work in the music industry.

A different group of Music Industry Rangers will be trained over the next two weeks in Hermannsburg, with another concert being staged on Wednesday 1 May for the community.

‘Music Industry Ranger’ Training – Ntaria/Hermannsburg, April 2013

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