The Coloured Stone legend lives on.

35 years, 12 Albums, gigs ranging from tiny remote community events to international festivals and with a truck load of accolades and awards, Coloured Stone is one of Australia’s most enduring bands.

Singer/songwriter Bunna Lawrie formed the band in 1978, with original members from the Koonibba Mission west of Ceduna in South Australia.

The band had a strong reputation for their live performances before their 1984 single ‘Black Boy’ hit the airwaves, selling 120,000 copies.

Coloured Stone toured extensively in the early 80’s, often doing it tough. They travelled in old cars jammed with instruments, PA’s and swags, travelling bush dirt roads usually only passable in 4 wheel drives.

Bunna Lawrie and Coloured Stone continue to tour and perform, fostering young talent and acting as role models for young Indigenous musicians.

The music of Coloured Stone mixes rock, reggae, country, ska, funk and disco, and reflects a passion for land rights, the environment, pride in their cultural heritage and justice for Aboriginal people.

Recent awards:

  • 2012: National NAIDOC Lifetime Achievement Award (Australia) to Bunna Lawrie
  • 2011: National Indigenous Music Awards Hall of Fame for Special Recognition (Australia) to Bunna Lawrie & Coloured Stone
  • 2000: Don Banks Music Award for Composers (Australia) to Bunna Lawrie
  • 1999: Deadly Vibe Awards for Outstanding Achievement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders (Australia) – National Outstanding Contribution to Aboriginal music Award to Bunna Lawrie Coloured Stone

Coloured Stone