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Label & Studio

The Label

CAAMA Music is a branch of CAAMA, which specialises in recording, promoting, and distributing Aboriginal music from Central Australia and beyond.

For over 40 years CAAMA Music has been working with Aboriginal Artists to help share unique voices and sounds with the world. From reel-to-reel, tapes, cds through to the modern digital era, CAAMA Music has been in the mix all the way.

Whilst we are not artist managers, and don’t provide booking services, CAAMA Music will do everything we can to provide artist mentoring and quality label services. CAAMA Music will work closely with you to get your career off to the best start possible!


The Studio

The CAAMA Music Studio is a state of the art recording facility located in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia.

Recently refurbished to an international standard, the facility has a heritage spanning more than 35 years.

The CAAMA Music Studio is your one-stop-shop for the ultimate desert recording opportunity.

With one of the largest tracking rooms in Australia, cutting edge equipment and highly talented staff, CAAMA Music has everything needed for a great recording experience.

For rates and availability please contact our Studio Manager directly or fill out the below form to help us get a sense of what you’re seeking.

All Fee for Hire bookings include:

  • Multi-Channel mix down
  • Private parking
  • Monday – Friday
  • Studio Assistant support
  • Lounge and amenities

Additional options include:

  • Advanced production support
  • Extensive range of instruments
  • Extensive range of space configuration options
  • and much much more…

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